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My vision as an interior designer has always been to appeal to every client within any budget.  Great design is not only for the privileged.  Your home is the center of where you raise your family, spend most of your time and create many of your memories. I created the concept of “Well Designed Living” to encompass exactly that “living well”. A complete makeover, a beautiful table scape a dream like bedroom it’s all about creating this feeling.  Living or working in a space that makes you feel good, reflects your personality, is conducive to your family needs, and is above all attainable to everyone.  Whether it be high end custom furniture, superstore finds or a combination of both, anyone can have a beautiful home regardless of their budget.  “The best and most well designed interiors reflect my client’s needs as well as their sense of comfort and sense of style.   

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Services include but are not limited to the following resourcing:

Simplify Your Move

We also specialize in organizing your move from home or office space.  We help you plan what to keep and what will fit into your new accommodations.  We make a plan and a comprehensive key listing of each item, the measurements, and where it will be placed by the movers, making the transition easier and more organized.

Places like online stores and discount retailers are gold mines for inexpensive pieces you can use to upgrade your space. Think throw pillows, rugs, picture frames, and faux plants and flowers, which breathe life into a dull space without the expense. Now is a great to resource online furniture and on home décor shopping sites. My motto is you too can “shop like a designer” and it’s so true because interior designers resource online as well but we do it with manufactures that only a trade professional has access too.
Iryna Cohen
Founder & CEO