Well Designed Living is a full service interior design studio located on Long Island, N.Y. We work with residential and commercial clients in the NYC tri-state area as well as Miami and Washington, D.C. Please contact us for more information about our design services.


My vision as an interior designer has always been to appeal to every client, every style and every budget. Well Designed Living prides itself on creating interior spaces that are not only for the privileged. Your home is the center of where you raise your family, spend most of your time and create many of your memories. I created the concept of “Well Designed Living” to encompass exactly that- “living well’; a complete makeover, a beautiful table scape, a dream like bedroom is all about creating a feeling of well-being. My goal is to create spaces that reflect your personality, are conducive to your family’s needs, and are attainable to everyone. Whether it be high-end/custom furniture, superstore finds or a combination of both, anyone can have a beautiful home regardless of their budget.

Located at - NY/NJ

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