Flower & Garden Inspiration

Flower & Garden Inspiration

This is the time of year in the northeast when we bid winter goodbye and welcome in spring. Although it has been slow coming this year, visiting flower shows at your local nurseries or arboretum will remind you of the beauty that is surely on its way.

Seeing flowers displayed will help to inspire you in the planning of your own garden or outdoor space. It will also show you what flowers and shrubs work together in terms of height, width and, of course, color.

Attending local flower shows also gives you access to tap into the knowledge of those who grow and tend to what is being displayed. Don’t neglect to take advantage of this expert advice available to you.

Here on Long Island, in Nassau County, I have a great local resource called Hicks Nurseries. They hold a flower show each spring, which helps me visualize and plan. I shop there year round for my clients – and for myself, getting help from their great staff.

April Gardening Tips:

Start seeds inside of…

  • warm-season vegetables like peppers, eggplant and tomatoes
  • herbs, such as dill, basil and parsley
  • flowers like zinnias and marigolds

Information on a raised or planted garden, read here… http://www.hicksnurseries.com/seminars/container-raised-bed-gardening/

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Photo Credit: Hicks Nurseries